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  建筑装饰材料的创新型提供,和技术工艺的全面创新,让众多消费者在进行商品购买时,有着明确的项目选择。阳光板作为新型的建筑装饰材料,他有着轻便耐用,防尘抗压,容易操作的一系列优越特点,成功的占据了整个市场行业,所有的产品类型多种多样,并且能够符合多样性的建筑需求,比如说温室大棚的建设,家居雨棚的建造,办公室隔音,室外广告,灯箱建造等等,都离不开此类产品的使用。PC阳光板 在此类产品安装制作的过程中,需要一些特殊的技术手段,基本上他的整个产品材质,大多使用的是pc版,有效的保证了它牢固耐用的特点,也能够随意的按照自我的需求,弯曲不同的角度,这些都能够带来整体市场发展的根本优势。在施工作业的过程中,一定要注意它的安装方法,缝与缝之间的连接要紧密,切实的保障它的整个密闭性能。因此,我们消费者要进行整个技术工艺的全面培训。PC阳光板 众多生产厂家在推出创新产品的过程中,根据市场形势所发展的产品类型,和整体的市场创新,特色优势都能够奠定其相应的价值。也能够让我们在整个项目实施维护的过程中,根据实际的需求,选择合适的产品,这些都打开了多领域的市场空间,也让每一个消费者在进行商品选购时,不仅有着明确的目标,也有着较实惠的购物价格。因此,我们对于此类产品的口碑评价相当的不错。
  The innovative supply of building decoration materials and the comprehensive innovation of technology and technology enable many consumers to have a clear choice of items when purchasing goods. As a new type of building decoration material, sunshine panel has a series of advantages, such as lightweight, durable, dust-proof, pressure-resistant and easy to operate. It has successfully occupied the entire market industry. All kinds of products are diverse and can meet the diverse building needs, such as greenhouse greenhouse construction, household canopy construction, office sound insulation, outdoor advertising, lamp box construction, etc. And so on, can not do without the use of such products. PC sunshine panel needs some special technical means in the process of installation and manufacture of this kind of products. Basically, the material of his whole product is mostly PC version, which effectively guarantees its strong and durable characteristics. It can also bend different angles at will according to its own needs, which can bring fundamental advantages of the overall market development. In the process of construction, we must pay attention to its installation method. The connection between the joints should be close and the whole sealing performance should be guaranteed. Therefore, our consumers need to conduct comprehensive training of the whole technology process. In the process of introducing innovative products, many manufacturers of PC sunshine panels can lay their corresponding value according to the product types developed by the market situation, as well as the overall market innovation and characteristic advantages. It also enables us to choose suitable products according to actual needs in the whole process of project implementation and maintenance, which opens up market space in many fields, and also enables every consumer to have not only a clear goal, but also the most affordable shopping price when choosing and purchasing commodities. Therefore, we have a fairly good reputation for such products.
  How to Fix Sunshine Plate and Steel
  1. Check whether the expansion reserve of the solar panel is reasonable, whether the cutting size of the panel is qualified, and whether the reserved expansion gap is uniform enough. Expansion gap data can be found to help manufacturers.
  2. Fittings installed well, when compacting sealant strips and sheets, the connecting parts need to tighten the Zigong nails evenly, not too hard. If leakage occurs due to installation errors, sealant should be used to deal with it in time.
  3. If the solar panel is to be installed by cold bending, it must be noted that the direction of cold bending can only be bent along the ribs. Similarly, in order to facilitate condensation flow, the inclination device of the solar panel also needs to follow the direction of the ribs. It should also be noted that the bending radius of the solar panel should not be less than 175 times the thickness of the solar panel.
  4. Check whether there is leakage after the plate is installed. Check all the links that need attention, including appearance, quality and so on.
  5. Installation process can not be used to facilitate the use of foot treading on the sunshine plate surface, we must use more professional cross-over.
  6. The protective film can only be torn open after confirming the installation of sunplate devices and accessories. If the sunshine plate must be protected during construction, it should be torn off first and then covered with protection.

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